The behind the scenes…

Music is a journey of the soul. We tap into our energy every time we choose to listen to music as well. Want to get pumped we play survivor “eye of the tiger”, want to feel like dancing old school music like Michael Jackson will likely get played to lift those spirits.

Today when it comes to love one artist is connecting with the feelings of the heart in love lust and romance, his name is ALYST.

ALYST makes music that reflects all of our lives in love and romance. His words bring out the feelings that most would love to say but dont. He speaks from his heart and sings from an energy.

This is what has been able to create ALYST’s own sound stand out above what other artists are doing these days. From love encounters in “GOLD” to broken hearts in “OUT MY FEELINGS” to feelings of stress in “BATTLES” Alyst is walking with us in the course of love and life.