When dreams come true life becomes so much different. The cliches that people say thru time that everything happens for a reason has become a reality for a young man by the name of Jared Woodson. 

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Jared is an incredible individual, who early on in his life had a vision for himself to become a music artist. He pushed his visions to higher platforms by pursuing full blast towards living out his dream. In 2019 he decided to go all in. He left his home town of Kentucky to come to New York City. Once here he realized it wasnt going to be easy, but now there was no looking back cause he was focused on working on becoming that artist.

Through many trials, he practiced to perfect his craft and began sending out demos to several music industry executives. After sending out demo after demo the many attempts finally paid off. His destiny changed when he came across New York City digital record label Affluent Records. Here he met and began working with New York City A&R and Music Producer Affluent Oscar Sanchez. Life became way different because here he began to learn how to create songs, write lyrics, create concepts, learn vocals, create his sound, create his image and artist develop to the fullest.

Today Alyst has been able to create a presence. Thru Affluent Records Alyst has been able to build his brand and expose his music worldwide.  Alyst music is completely radio friendly mostly themed after love, life, women, and romance. The music has been entirely produced by Affluent Oscar Sanchez. Affluent Records has released  Vibin + Black Pop + Hit Me Up + Black Pop Remix + Gold + Battles + My Ego + Self Reflection +  Colder It Gets + Betcha U Want It + Feel This Way + Out My Feelings + Father God + There It Is + Tell Me Why

The singles have debut on New York City radio station HOT 97.1 fm as well as played in numerous FM stations nationwide on mixshows. The video for “GLEEMING” has been on BET JAMZ. The video for “GOLD” has debut nationwide at FOOTLOCKER store chains. Alyst has appeared on numerous blogs, magzines and interviews thru the net. He has a positive presence that makes people easily relate to his music.

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