The Universe brings us answers but only if you listen. Words I live by and experience everyday. When creating the beat for IF YOU LOOK YOU WILL FIND, I let the universe speak to me and channeled the fact that our journey sometimes is to be looked with total appreciation. The fact of being in the game in the lane and working towards a better is the beauty of it in itself. So when we speak of obstacles we speak of our own self doubts and fears. Yet IF WE LOOK WE WILL FIND that usually the answers to our questions are right in front of us.

The retrospect made me feel an energy with peaks and climax so when I created the beat I made sure to express that in the composition of the track and also selection of instruments for this. The synth line the drums it all has an energetic rise. One of the key factors was the drama melody I created with the strings that brought me the completed aspect of this track. Once I finished laying that down I knew the track was done and was ready to get ALYST into a different position into a better level.