One thing that we learned from artist like DJ KHALID is that an anthem always wins. Make those get up off your seat beats and you can create a wave of fans and followers. These type of songs have longevity and if done right then it become a teams theme or a stadium staple.

So with that in mind is exactly how I created this track for ALYST. I took the whole feeling and energy behind Monday Night Football feel mix that with some of that Khalid energy and BAM just like Emerald says a new anthem for the fall of 2024 was born.

This track right here is everything you want to get the party started or the team ready to go full blast. The hook is simple enough to be picked up by cheerleaders to chant and the track is a party for your rights type of feel. LET ME IN carries the spirit of a thunder hitting the floor and explodes in a modern trap sound. Besides adding atmosphere to this track the synth line I put down for this keeps the listener hypnotized with modern electro sounds.