Attention all artists and label imprints are you SHOPPING for MAJOR DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION for your SINGLE or Album or EP but cant afford the regular retail package prices the these outlets charge. Remember its not distribution, in addition to run your project it will also require online publicity, brand management, website services, graphic design, music production, mixing, mastering, radio, video promotions and more.  Getting all those services from different out sources can become a heavy bill not. Get ready to throw those worries away because there is a better option.

Today you can graduate into an better, bigger and more efficient service platform by selecting AFFLUENT RECORDS. Choosing to LIVE AFFLUENT today and joining our new platform the “SILVER DISTRIBUTION PACKAGE” will allow you to put your music out on a major digital level worldwide and have starter label services to work your project.  

This new platform is dedicated to introducing the music industry and retailers worldwide to NEW TOP TALENT from all over the nation breaking online.

In 2019 you dont have to settle to just upload your music to a site and let it sit there. The strategy of hoping for the best does not work these days. Its time to work your project.

Gone are days of uploading your music paying yearly fees just to get your music out in a couple of stores. Today you have another choice and you can join a MAJOR DIGITAL PLATFORM. Your project needs basic label services such online publicity, starter radio promo and social media marketing to begin to break. Build the basics to your platform step by step. Get your music out worldwide, service to radio programmers, solicit music licensing opportunities and more, its time to expand your brand.

We consolidated a select portion of our services to create this platform that allows artist with a budget to work their projects on the SILVER DISTRIBUTION PACKAGE. Join us today.

SINGLE Distribution Package Price FLAT FEE:

$ 3500.00 US DOLLARS +tax  PER SINGLE   

ALBUM Distribution Package Price FLAT FEE:

$ 9999.00 US DOLLARS +tax PER ALBUM  

Contract symbolPayment Instructions and Requirements FOR ALL PACKAGES

We require a full deposit and nonrefundable fee of $750.00 US Dollars + tax

to write up and administer any contracts upfront NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL.


Please reply your Info via email to:

We require the following to be included in the email by client:

Full Artist Name and or Label or Company Name

Artist or Company Address

Artist or Company Contact Tele# and Email Address