I’m a soul singer, first and foremost, everything I sing and write about is me, it’s what I feel, what I’m going through or something I’ve experienced, but my music itself is considered pop, modern-retro-pop-r&b .

Small town boy big city dreams. Oxford, North Carolina-born singer Taye Johnson, has known since the early age of six his voice was special. A God given skill he is using now, forging his way to soon sit comfortably among contemporary stars, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Aloe Blacc and Leon Bridges.

Raised in a modest upbringing, single mother home with his brothers and sisters, family has always been important to Taye, which is why leaving them behind in pursuit of becoming famous was his ultimate sacrifice. With no money, no job, and no contacts, Taye was prepared to fail if he had to, risking it all, he moved to Brooklyn, New York because as Taye puts it.

At the end of the day, you have to be who you were made to be, bottom line. Taye’s move from small laid back town to hustle and bustle big city wasn’t the smoothest transition, but after many failed auditions his persistence ultimately landed him in front of MTV’s  Making The Band reality show vocal coach, Ankha Ra. I was a wreck , Taye recalls. Taye watched the other singers go up with their prepared music to sing and be critiqued, when finally he was up, he had no music, just took a deep breath, stood up and sang So High , by John Legend, accapella. The whole room fell silent. Then, Ankh Ra s voice broke through: Excellent! .

Since then, Taye’s found his stride, signing a recording contract with Yebo Music Group and completing his soon to be released, first fully-realized project, produced by Alex Suarez formerly of Cobra Starship. Taye’s yet to be titled booming pop debut is a masterful blend of old-school soul, heavily influenced by some of the great musicians he grew up listening to, Ottis Redding,James Brown, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Prince, mixed with a new-school flare Taye is carving into his own eclectic lane.

Play with My Heart , the lead track from Taye’s debut is an uptempo, fun, Motown-era, timeless, classic pop song, with a modern groove featured in the Kelly Reichardt film, Certain Women, starring Laura Dern, Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart. Also heard on the project are gems like Famous , his upbeat reggae-flavored jam and What You Do To Me , the fast paced, pop, rock & roll, get you on your feet record. ! With this debut, Taye is taking us on a journey through his sound, pushing boundaries, experimentally bold, and dead-set on becoming famously one of today’s brightest new talents.


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The Midwest is one of the biggest hotbeds of music in this country. Although a grand vessel of talent, many of these talents are succumb to the violence of the streets on the rise in the game. Everyday in the news the numbers keep growing and the youth keeps losing.

While many see the difficulty as a wall for opportunity, there are some who see the opportunity in the difficulty. Today we celebrate 27year old Chicago native Dawon Mitchell, also known as the artist FASHO FLOW.

Born in the early 90’s Fasho Flow took to music with an instant. He grew up learning thru his neighborhood the rise of the greats. Having absorbed a priceless education he adapted his skills toward songwriting and rapping. After growing a local buzz with his contributions and attempts, he began expanding his music by networking with people who had bigger and better outlets.

“Everything happens for a reason, I am a true believer from example”, says Fasho Flow. As he began to network in the music scene he came across a gentleman by the name of Marquis Harris. Marquis at the time happen to be a Midwest talent scout and in house producer for New York City label AFFLUENT RECORDS. Fasho realized this was his big opportunity and quickly broke thru the crowd to hand Marquis his demo tracks.

Marquis liked what he heard and naturally pass on the demo to AFFLUENT RECORDS CEO Oscar Sanchez. “I loved what I heard when I listened to the music, Fasho had a lot of promise but needed artist development and a home to put his music out so he could grow his fan base so I signed him and have been working with him remotely developing recording etc ever since. I am very happy to see that he is now ready to explode and make an impact on a major level. The music speaks for itself.,” says Sanchez.




Music lives and breathes in so many places in the world. Each local with its own pulse, people often describe these pulses as a beautiful contained energy ready to explode into a universal rhythm. One of these new energies next on the rise is that of Chamberlain Jay.

A former artist now producer, Chamberlain Jay has a long history of indie adventures in Texas music scene. Thru the years he has experienced a slight hint of success. This passion had him always striving and looking forward for that big pay day that everyone believes they are entitled to. Until a recent epiphany that enlightened his vision made him redirect his focus onto the real keys to longevity of the game, distribution & licensing.

Having acquired a few successful placements in the past opened Jay’s hunger and eagerly began looking for more. His accomplishments were more lessons than big money makers, yet these experiences opened his eyes to the opportunities he previously pasted up before. After networking online he managed to connect with Affluent Records CEO Oscar Sanchez and was able to secure a single deal for his new track “TELL ME” slated to be in stores SUMMER 2017.

The track has an 80’s infused retro dance feel with Madonna esque vocals sung throughout the song which gives it the full disco/pop experience. Affluent Records CEO Oscar Sanchez says “Jay is a very inspiring talent, he reminds me of a 2017 Jelly Bean Benitez, a producer & talent scout. The music he has created always provides an ambience and great energy I expect nothing but the best from Jay to create a promising future.”


 15032730_120291768448077_4574564096869292903_nDARIC FORREST – J TIZZLE MUZIC – URBAN R*B SINGER

Since Daric Forrest has been a young child, his greatest gift was his keen ability to focus into every detail along the journey of his life. Just like Jason Bourne at a young age he began to listen to his inner voice and began to sing songs at 3 years old. He would later naturally grace many school talent shows where he began to win. A key moment in his life was when he also began to get noticed for his stage presence, and vocal delivery. This insight inspired his passion. Soon Daric ‘s reputation and artistic ability began to grow at a faster rate than ever dreamed of. After living in some of the bigger US cities, he eventually ended up in Atlanta where he caught his first major break the day he ran into Cameo’s lead singer, Larry Blackman, who offered to take Daric on the road with him and his band  Daric has appeared at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cincinnati in 2000, the Stone Family Picnic in 2001 in Washington DC, the Arts and Crafts Festival in Boston. He has performed in Vegas several times alongside the B52s, as well as performed at Synergy Fields in Ohio in front of a crowd of 70,000. He appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (which aired on 109 different radio stations), and has also performed with and opened for many major acts such as Lakeside, The Dramatics, Will Downing, Jonathan Butler, Aretha Franklin, and also performed in front of the cast for All My Children and General Hospital. His greatest blessing has been the pleasure of working with Stevie Wonder, Outkast, SOS Band, and One Chance (Usher’s Group). Having recently signed with J TIZZLE MUZIC earlier this year. His new single “LET YOU KNOW” launches in stores 11-21-2016. Today he is working hard in the studio with producer J TIZZLE on his R&B debut album still yet to be titled but being released on J Tizzle Muzic / Affluent / Orchard / Sony at the top of year in 2017.“I cant wait to drop this album, its been quite a journey but I now know everything happens for a reason” says Forrest.




Illa Ghee is the future Boss of Da Bosses. Possessing a unique blend of hardcore lyrics to go along with a veteran’s delivery, and a street savvy flow, this BK native is poised for a quiet takeover. Born and raised in Brooklyn’s own Sumner Housing Projects (aka Sumnerville, aka Outta Bounds NYC), ILLA would make the smooth transition from street Pharmacist to rising MC stardom. After making a memorable appearance on Mobb Deep’s Hell On Earth LP (“Can’t Get Enough Of It”), GHEE had the misfortune of falling victim to the streets.

As a result of this untimely encounter with the law, Illa had to do a 7-year bid in VA, and postpone his spot as BK’s next boss. Upon his release in 2002, Illa picked up right where he left off before his incarceration. He recorded at a break neck pace and, found himself being placed in DJ Kay Slay’s “Best of Freestyles” top ten for his “3 Million Freestyle”. Soon after, Ghee recorded “Medicine Rap” featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep. The song made it’s way onto DJ Kay Slay’s Street Sweepers Vol. 5 edition mixtape. After the Street Sweepers mixtape flooded the streets, Illa Ghee appeared on Mobb Deep’s LandSpeed released “Free Agents” Mixtape, which sold over 650,000 copies. Still unsigned but working at a feverish pace, Illa Ghee managed to appear on DJ Big Mike’s West Coast Mixtape, Mobb Deep’s Murda Muzik Soundtrack, DJ Mello’s Chemical Files Mixtape, P-Cutta’s Street Wars 12 Mixtape, DJ Premier’s Step Ya Game Up Mixtape, DJ Onpoint’s Exclusive Radio Mixtape Vol. 1, DJ Kay Slay’s Street Sweepers Protect Ya Neck Mixtape, and the Payola Bros. Street Beef Vol. 8. Unfazed by the industry politics that began to follow him because of his Mobb Deep affiliation, Illa Ghee kept working and his hard work finally paid off. World famous hip hop producer The Alchemist, tapped Illa Ghee to appear alongside himself, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, and Nina Sky on the bangin street anthem “Hold U Down”. Armed with just his lyrical talent and veteran work ethic, Illa Ghee spit one of the hottest verses of the year (“For all da niggaz I war for/blow da 44 for) and, made a name for himself by holding his own with the other heavyweights on the song. He raised the bar for other up and coming unsigned artists by appearing on a Top 40 radio hit, receiving over 200 BDS Spins per week, and having a video airing on BET’s Rap City and MTV2. With the help of his Production Company Mixtape Merchants Ent., Illa Ghee has completed 6 highly acclaimed street mixtapes. Body Music, The DJ Pistol Pete hosted “Best Known Secret”, “Closed Session” mixtape featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep. New York Crunk, When Illa Attacks Primo Beats, and the highly anticipated Street Album Myrtle & Throop which is currently at 11,465 copies moved since it’s debut on July 12th, 2006.

Today in 2017 Illa has diversified his talents by executive producing a new urban street drama series entitled “New York Minute” while working on his latest album Suede Cigarettes soon to be released on Affluent / Orchard / Sony.



In the great late 90’s the Seattle music rose to a new height. Rock bands all over became to signing focus of A&R’s all over the music industry. What Atlanta is to the rap world today is what Seattle was in the rock world back then. Today we see new opportunity with new distribution deal signed this week between Seattle based Digital Label CIN SEA Music Group with Affluent Records. The CIN SEA Music Group started out as a music production company for avid music producer Russell Crawford who was born in Cincinnati and now lives in Seattle, hence forth the play on the combination of the city names to create the brand. Over the last couple of years Russell has worked in and out as an in house producer at Affluent Records. “The CEO & Music Producer Oscar Sanchez always liked my beats and Im always on point to what he needs when he goes to produce a song in the studio so we had a cool connection from an early start and I built on that” says Russell. “Recently I saw a great opportunity with Affluent creating Label Imprints so I knew it was time to get Seattle back into delivering more music out into the market by opening this outlet today and not waiting. Now because of that move, we are looking at developing my first artist MONTANA TONY, a local rapper with a lot of potential and the chance to make something of himself on a major digital scale, instead of all those other typical self serve distribution sites that just waste time and money. Best part is Im not alone I have the CEO of Affluent just a phone call away guiding me along the way, which makes a world of difference knowing someone with experience credits, accomplishments, and a brand name working with you” says CIN SEA Music Group CEO Russell Crawford.




 DEONI (Douglas Donahue Myers) is a contemporary Christian/Gospel Inspirational singer. He is a also a songwriter, producer, praise and worship leader. His unique style and electrical vocal range allows his music to carry a huge mainstream appeal. He easily incorporates a beautiful blend of a pop, traditional gospel, rock, and r&b influences. DEONI uses his God given talents to infuse this blend into praise and worship songs that connects God’s word with millions. His message is from his heart and his praise stirs the souls of people worldwide in search of hope, freedom, and a change in their lives. Born and raised in Dillon, South Carolina, he hails from a legacy of anointed gospel singers and musicians. DEONI calling began singing gospel music at an early age along side his family members. His passion allowed him to grow and soon he developed his own gospel-influenced style of soulful ballads. Prior to starting his solo career, he was a founding member of 3 Brothers Delivered (3BD) alongside two of his biological brothers. Throughout their musical career, they have praised and worshipped God before many alongside with various mainstream national recording artists such as The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Alvin Darling and Celebration, Kirk Franklin, Glenn Jones, and Soul 4 Real.“I have always had a passion for singing and administering God’s word through song. I feel so blessed and excited everyday that God is using me to inspire, encourage, and uplift his children. Lets bring praise to all my sisters and brothers in Christ” says DEONI.DEONI’s glorious gospel career began to grow to new heights in 2015 when he officially signed with New York City digital label Affluent Records. His debut album entitled Changed and Set Free will be released later this year.


Hailing from the beautiful land of Hawaii, this native islander true calling has always been the gift of music. Starting at a young age, Stuart Hollinger has always had the ability to create infectious melodies. His passion quickly grew into a career when his production started to get more recognition and demand. He realized this wasnt a coincidence and began to create a band to officially tour. His experience on the road has enabled to travel roads on ground and spiritually in places he never thought of. This enabled him to build a fan base loyal to his growth. Thru the years they have supported his rock / pop movement. So much so that it has lead him to win 3 years in a row THE ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR AWARD in Hawaii. “Stuart is great producer and songwriter, he has a huge catalog of music. Alot of the tracks are catchy rock/pop songs, so as soon I heard a couple I knew we would be able to work with Stuart by focusing on Licensing and creating an outlet to distribute his music. We at Affluent look forward to being able to create outlet for him and create an impact for a successful financial future together”, says Affluent CEO Oscar Sanchez. Today Stuart embarks on the second tier of his musically journey, having signed a distribution and licensing agreement with NYC Digital Label AFFLUENT RECORDS. He will now debut his new album ENDANGERED SPECIES and new single NIGHT PEOPLE. worldwide.


 12647309_764776693653364_4052941660514281898_nJ.TIZZLE – TIZZLE MUZIC – MUSIC PRODUCER 

The power of the internet is a life essential. People all over the world connect on the daily and create new worlds, create new business, new relationships and new opportunities within their reach. The entertainment world today thrives on this power to promote, sell, brand, and create in the digital. Overall one of the most important functions is its key factor as a way of getting heard. Everyday thousands of artists strive to connect with their ultimate opportunity. So many sites and so many outlets but few selective brands that dominate the market share open their doors like the upload & pay sites you see everyday. When artists these days stand out they cater to their brand, one clear example of this today is Indiana Electronica Producer J TIZZLE. Jeffery Townsend Sr. was born in South Bend, In. This is where he lives and produces his music. J Tizzle began  producing music in 2004 and over the years he compiled a variety of music. This has lead J Tizzle to present his music to the world. He was born in the Midwest caught between east coast, west coast and the south sound. The three coast influenced his  love for many different genres of music. Music has been a love of J Tizzle since the first time he played his parent’s records on his Snoopy record player, He was hooked every since then. J Tizzle is now focused on producing great music and  growing as a artist. He has an eclectic and exotic musical style.  Its a Hip-Hop inspired World Fusion, but that does not cover it completely either.  He is well versed in Trance/Ambient and even pulls in Classical elements and themes in his productions.  Well worth a listening to, if you have not had the chance to experience something new. “I knew when I first heard his music that he was an incredible producer, I loved that his tracks had ambience, and energy. In addition to the sound, the brand had a steady following of 10k views and above for each of his videos on Youtube, I was impressed.” says Affluent CEO Oscar Sanchez. “I also knew if we opened an outlet for his brand TIZZLE MUZIC we would open a door for great LICENSING opportunities to begin.”



The music industry is by far one of the most competitive fields to work in. Everyday millions of people with a dream embark onto their journeys of wins and losses. Its difficult because those that win gain a paradise of fame, wealth and success which in turn becomes a legacy. For so many artists with a dream, that industry swim upstream is way too much for them to endure. It takes more than a hot song to make it in the industry these days. It also takes more than talent more than a passion to succeed.Today we applaud an incredible person by the name of RAY LANI. Ray is a true New York story that epitomizes the inspiration we all look for in our lives. Ray Lani was born and raised in an old school Italian neighborhood in the Bronx, New York City. Times were different than and music was exactly the top career choice. Yet having discovered his rockabilly/rock/gospel/country style at an early age. This epiphany has enabled Lani to sustain a career writing songs in the industry for over 55 years with indie success.


_DSC4809 copia


Don Ray Mad recently signed a new distribution deal for his Italian house music label imprint Big Bull Records. Don Ray is an accredited DJ & Producer whom is partially responsible for the progressive music movement that has taken over the night life world in Europe.

Working out of his own recording studio, in Bergamo, Italy Don Ray has been active previously releasing several singles thru his imprint at other distributors, but today he has risen to a new level signing with American Digital Label AFFLUENT RECORDS / ORCHARD / SONY.

Affluent will distribute Don Ray’s new singles and will expand into working his music into licensing opportunities. “Don Ray is very talented and his ability to put out music fluidly is exactly what we were looking for, I am very happy to welcome him to the Affluent family” says label CEO Oscar Sanchez. Check out the new track “BABY ALL THE BEST TO ME” in stores 4-24-2017 “BABY ALL THE BEST TO ME” Big Bull / Affluent / Orchard / Sony


avatars-000194864646-g33ydh-t500x500 LIRI ELGOZI PRODUCER – ARTIST 

LiRi Elgozi is an amazing new producer, singer, song writer and mix engineer on the rise.His style and unique talents has enabled him to get the attention of NYC digital label owner & producer Oscar Sanchez at Affluent Records. Sanchez says “Although Liri is blessed to live in the beautiful city Antananarivo, Madagascar his musical diverse style has gotten him the right attention. I love this digital life and once we connected online I was excited to sign LiRi to Affluent Records. Its going to be great to work with him producing records, making music, and creating his brand.”

Liri has already began branding his name in the urban market by producing along side Oscar Sanchez, Affluent Records new Indiana Rap artist Crunch first single “Murdering Tracks”. The track has received great reviews online and has enabled Crunch a great debut.


LiRi specializes in Hip-Hop | R& B | Soul |Pop| EDM | Dance music genres. Liri says “I am blessed to do what I love the most and I love to be inspired by the smallest things.”

Today Liri is creating a video to support the release of his new single “Dolla Bill” which is currently in stores now and distributed by AFFLUENT RECORDS / ORCHARD / SONY.  “I love this song, its the perfect for DJ to spin to give that great feeling of Its Friday, Happy Just got out of work, Lets get some drinks and Get Ready to Party Song. Im going to make sure every DJ has this one” says Sanchez. We are ready for the SUMMER 2017 with the new night club anthem “DOLLA BILL” 




Crunch Jones is an American rapper born and raised in the streets of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The music he makes is a portrait of the struggles and success of his life coming up. A dedicated writer, Crunch began his journey using the pen as way of expressing the inner voice inside him. He describes his style as the “Ghetto Gospel of Trap Music”. He speaks only about the truths from the streets taken only from shear experience. Before music Crunch was living his life on the edge. He religiously risked his freedom everyday in exchange for money power and respect. During his reign Crunch quickly realized “that life” was not going to bring him any sense of longevity. Instead it opened the door to drama, stress, and death. He knew in that world, time is limited so in order for him to grow out of it he needed a plan to find his way quickly. The allure of the game was strong but his destiny was greater. Once he changed his soul music saved his life. Music enabled Crunch to be able to dream and eventually open his mind and talents to a greater good. Thru hard work today Crunch has become a next artist on the verge. If you are a trap music fan of Boosie, Yo Gotti and Future you will love CRUNCH. He is a true testament to understanding the meaning of life is art and art is life. Today Crunch Jones is in the studio night and day as he works on finalizing his debut album, executive produced by Affluent Oscar Sanchez.