The South is famously known as the home base area of where great catchy hit singles are born. Radio eats them up and new careers spawn off. The latest in a new surge of HOT RADIO READY SINGLES coming from the south is from a break out group out of the state of Alabama named the GET MONEY COMMITTEE and their new track “RiRi”.

“RiRi” is a fun uptempo radio ready catchy single that has a hook that will have you singing it back all day. The artists GET MONEY COMMITTEE also known in the streets as GMC, are an American Rap Trio from the southern state of Alabama. GMC consists of King Gego, Slim Kuntree, and Courtney Kentrell, they were born and raised in Talladega, a small city in Alabama just one hour southeast of Birmingham. Inspired by the rap legends of the south they came together as a group and created a company Hustle Bizness Music Group with the purpose of getting their gift of writing songs out into the world.


After releasing a couple of indie single “Adding Up, Am I Dreamin, and Fade Away” and getting great reactions the group came in contact with New York City Music Executive, Label Owner & Producer Oscar Sanchez whom immediately loved their music. “GMC is such an amazing group, they compliment each other and have great catchy Hooks. Their music is very radio friendly. RiRi is the first single that will break the group nationwide.” says Affluent Records CEO Oscar Sanchez.


RIRI FINAL CVR800Check out for The NEW SINGLE “RiRi”, which will be in stores and available at all top retailers worldwide on September 3, 2018. While GMC debut album “WORTHY” will be available later this year scheduled for the Fall 2018 on AFFLUENT RECORDS / ORCHARD.

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