2018 is going to be an incredible year and AFFLUENT RECORDS is ready to explode with a new arsenal of music and artists. First up to bat is the Gold Selling Rap Artist from Brooklyn Illa Ghee. You have probably previously heard Illa’s first appearance on the rap classic Mobb Deep Album HELL ON EARTH. Then following a slew of mixtapes he hooked up ALCHEMIST and NINA SKY on the gold selling HOLD U DOWN single. After experiencing a great success as a rap artist he decided to branch out and expand his talents into screenwriting. He created and developed an urban street series that soley aired on youtube titled NY MINUTE. A first of its kind, the series depicts the life of a group of urban characters that live in a QUEENS NYC Housing Project. With a steady growing audience and and increasing demand NY MINUTE has grown to be one of those NEXT series to watch. Today Illa is prepping for his new album entitled SUEDE CIGARETTES to be released on AFFLUENT / ORCHARD / SONY while he diligently works on writing the second season to the web series NY MINUTE. “Illa is truly a man with a mission, a talent, and a great year ahead of him. Im excited to work with him on releasing his new album on a major digital scale. Also helping him establish his brand and break into bigger markets with his NY MIUTE SERIES” says Affluent Records CEO Oscar Sanchez. Buy the new singles “IMPORTANTE” & “GRIPPED UP” April 23, 2018

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